The Main Site

The scheme has been developed in close collaboration with Historic England and West Berkshire Council to ensure that it would provide an amenity for the local community, that the site ecology would be protected and enhanced and that all works to the existing main house would be completely respectful of the heritage asset. This will involve the reinstatement of a number of historical key features, including a first-floor conservatory, which will combine historical reference with contemporary detailing, and the return of the grand ‘Oval Room’ on the ground floor as well as sensitive remedial works to the white painted brick façade to replicate the former appearance of the building.

In the grounds, the riverside tennis courts will be refurbished and the boathouse plus 3 boat moorings will be reinstated. A 20th Century studio building will be replaced by a two-storey spa and gym with outdoor pool and a “coach house’ extension will be built, linked to the original building by a glazed walkway, to accommodate 19 of the guestrooms.
The reinstatement of the Grotto Estate as a luxurious country retreat will demand close attention to detail, careful selection of materials and an observance of traditional detailing and construction methods.

Emphasis will be placed on achieving the correct balance between traditional and contemporary design and detailing, and on ensuring that an underlying consistency of quality and feel is established across the entire site.