The Development

There has always been a mystique and glamour around hotels that stirs the imagination of every traveller and we believe there has never been a better time to enhance and enrich that experience. Certainly the numbers tell us that with the trend moving away from ‘owning things’ to ‘experiencing things’ the hotel destination remains one of the most buoyant and sort after cultural experiences. The Grotto presents an exemplary development opportunity to not only bring back to life this beautiful building but to take it to a design and technological level unimaginable just a few short years ago.

For example, it’s already possible for a hotel’s kitchen to take your order via your Siri or Alexa app, prepare and cook the fresh organic ingredients grown on site and serve your food at your table in the restaurant or in the privacy of your ‘smart room’.

The spa could provide some of the most technically advanced treatments and by keeping pace with the revolution that is taking shape due to three new digital breakthroughs for the hospitality industry, robotics, biometrics and nanotechnology, your spa visit could include everything from a botox treatment to a cybernetic enhancement for your hip.